Sunday, February 21, 2010

antara saat yang paling menakutkan dalam hidup

CM just met my parents this week,
telling them bout our rough plan, wah, amat menakutkan, i saw him drank glasses of water trying to calm himself, haha, me being an unsupportive gf, just sat there quietly, nothing was certain, the purpose was just to let my parents know that we are serious, and we hope the big day will hapen within these 2 years,
alhamdulillah, there was no objection from my parents, they just listened n said a few things. i guess, aftyer this, whenever i said something bout marriage they will take it seriously, sebab selama nie, asyik gelak2 jer pasal kawin, tak serious langsung, ngee....
owh, kudos to bf for doing that for me, saya bangga dengan awak sebab berani... =>

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